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Charging solutions for companies


We provide products and services to businesses

A partnership proposal

We offer proposals depending on the needs of your business.


Providing end-to-end solutions, we work with the best suppliers in order to ensure the quality of our chargers and we take care of installing and connecting them.

Connect to network

We ensure the successful connection of the chargers to the network and their remote management. We also provide the appearance of the chargers in a friendly application for electric vehicle drivers.


Our main concern is the infrastructure and implementation of a nationwide network to serve electric vehicle drivers

Fast charging (<1 hour)

Fast charging refers to locations that can offer limited-time parking for drivers to charge their vehicles. Such chargers can be found in supermarkets, gas stations, and highways.

Slow charging (> 1 hour) 

Slow charging refers to locations that can offer drivers more time to charge their vehicles. Such chargers can help residents living near the charging point, people staying in hotels, and drivers parking their vehicles in parking lots.


Find where to charge in 1'


EVLoader allows the driver to set the charging duration at the desired power, pay without human intervention and book the station if the company's policy allows it.


EVLoader's map allows charging stations to be displayed so that drivers can easily locate them and know their availability.

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